My name is Rhonda Lombardi, a born and raised Denver, Colorado native. After being in banking for 21 years and tapping out on my potential, I decided to take a new path and get my real estate license. I took a leap of faith and started my own business and now am a Listing Coordinator and Transaction Coordinator. I have been a licensed Transaction Coordinator in real estate for almost 5 years. I love working with the agents and am a very important player in the transaction.

I ensure everything goes smoothly and help alleviate any stress possible on all parties. I help the agent with all the back office work so they can focus on sales. I have helped many agents and have done hundreds of transactions. As wild as the ride can be in real estate, I always have a great attitude and do it with a smile. You could say helping people is my true passion.

When I am not working (which is rare) I am out making awesome memories for my life story. I truly am a person who lives by the thought “You only live once” and I cut no corners. I am truly blessed with an amazing, big, loud, family. We are always together and having a lot of fun. I am a big advocate for helping the homeless and our vets.

I love to give back to our community and help where I can. I go white water rafting multiple times a year. No matter what part of the adventure you’re on, there is always something you can learn from it. The people, the animals, the plants, the scenery, and even the river itself.

There are even legends, tales, and the famed “ghost stories” to learn as well. My primary goal in life is to be the best me and make each day count.

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