Using Airbnb and other online platforms like VRBO to short-term rent a property can be a powerful way to build wealth through existing or new real estate investments. 

A short-term renal (STR) is defined as a property rented out for a period of less than 30 days. STRs can be vacation rentals, Airbnb rentals and other similar properties rented out on a short-term basis. STRs offer a “home like” experience for travelers or those looking for short-term housing solutions and supply amenities such as furnishings, utilities and WI-FI. 

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The Benefits of Short-Term Rentals

Airbnb makes it easy to rent a room, an ADU or your entire house!

The Drawbacks and Risks to Short-Term Rentals:

Get Educated on Airbnbs & STRs:

Check out Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Wealth by Avery Carl for a guide to analyzing, buying and managing vacation properties. 

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Know the Rules and Regulations for Airbnbs and STRs in Your Area. For Denver area investors, check out our Colorado investor toolkit which includes rental rules by cities. 

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Determine the Right Kind of STR for you!

  1. Vacation Rental: These properties are geared towards vacationers (duh!), but typically investors who manage vacation rentals treat their property as a business. Vacation rentals are typically purchased in mountain towns, by bodies of water or high-end city apartments. 
  2. Corporate Rentals: Corporate rentals are often used by businesses to provide housing to employees who are traveling for work. Typically located in business districts these rentals can include anything from furnished apartments to full-service corporate housing. 
  3. Airbnb Rentals: On Airbnb you can rent out your entire home, an ADU or single room at your primary residence. This is a great way for a property owner to generate passive income from their primary residence. 

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