So you want to a buy a home, huh? Maybe you’re sick of paying your landlord’s mortgage. After all, with each payment that you make, you’re making  your landlord richer and richer.

Trust us, we know.

Or maybe you are ready to start “adulting,” to take that big next step toward the American dream: buying a home, building that white picket fence, and filling it with the one dog, 2.1 kids, and
decades of love.

For centuries, buying a home has been an iconic part of culture in America. Whether you are a single bachelor or bachelorette looking for a condo downtown, a young couple seeking their first starter home, or a family searching for a forever home, the places you live represent different chapters in your life. 

Owning that chapter is something to be proud of.

Home in Denver

The Benefits of Owning Real Estate in Denver

Are you ready to generate wealth? 

The Drawbacks and Risks to Owning a Home:

Get Educated on Buying a Home:

In How to Buy a Home in Denver, you’ll learn:

  • How to build your team of high quality real estate agents, lenders, contractors, and more.
  • How to get a deal in a competitive market like Denver.
  • A step-by-step process on what to do when you are under contract to ensure nothing is missed.
  • A list of things to do after closing and what to expect once you are a homeowner.

How to Buy a Home in Denver turns renters into homeowners.

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The FI Team Buying Process

Follow The FI Way

1. Discover: We get to know each other and clarify your goals so we can get you there!
2. Pre-Q & Pursue: Get pre-qualified with a lender. Then let’s get looking and find it! Search criteria dialed in and showings in progress. 
3. Offer: Our proven FI Team investor strategies & market expertise ensures strongest and best! 
4. ACCEPT!!!!
5. Due Diligence: We do all the work to keep the contract on track and help you dig deep going into inspections and appraisal. You’ve got this!
6. CLOSE!!!!
7. Homeowners: The journey in your new home begins and your equity will grow! We’re here for you longvterm too, with all the resources or advice a homeowner could need. Welcome to The FI Team Family. 

Ready to get started?