Nick is a California native who grew up in the city Riverside. After he graduated with his Bachelors from the University of Redlands CA, he started his career with Target in supply chain. This led to many opportunities including moving to southern Virginia for 3 years. While in Virginia Nick discovered BiggerPockets and financial independence.  It wasn’t long until he stumbled upon the house hacking concept in early 2019. Armed with the knowledge after reading The House Hacking Strategy written by Craig Curelop, Nick and his wife looked to move back home! 

Back in the sunshine state Nick and his wife were able to buy their first house hack in April 2020! Nick started to become extremely diligent with spending and paying off all debt since discovering the FI community. Nick’s goals are pretty simple! Live a life that has positive impact in the world. He plans to do that through teaching young investors the financial power of RE investing and eventually working down in San Diego with Reality Changers. A program that is based around inner city youth in San Diego and supporting them through high school and college. Nick would like to offer financial education to these students and their families for free! 

Overall health and wellbeing are the things Nick likes to do in his spare time. Whether that be the gym, walking his dog Nova, with his wife or overall taking care of himself through self-care and a hike! Nick wants to help show people it is possible to invest in the “overpriced California market”. Which is why he became a realtor in 2022 and started his journey with the FI team.