Eric DeNardo Denver Realtor


Eric is a real estate investor and agent who works to help others achieve their goals in financial freedom and personal development. Originally from California, Eric moved to Denver in 2019 for its balance of nature and city life. He currently househacks with his wife Brittany in a split-level home where he rents the garden-level suite. He enjoys providing unique and pleasant experiences for his guests and wants to help other hosts do the same.  

Eric is passionate about personal growth and financial freedom and has ambitious goals to use wealth to serve others. He is also an experienced urban landscape designer and his knowledge in urban planning and design gives him a unique perspective on how cities may affect housing and investment opportunities.  

For fun, Eric enjoys going on nature walks with his wife, camping with family, traveling to different cities, stand-up paddle boarding, and rooting for his favorite sports teams. His purpose in life is to continue and build on his family’s legacy of living life with love, wealth, and service.