Dean is an investor-agent who is also currently serving as an Active Duty US Air Force Flight Test Engineering Officer, which has given him a breadth of experience in multiple markets across the country including his hometown of Albany, NY; Narragansett, RI; Fort Walton Beach, FL; and Los Angeles, CA to name a few. 

He has firsthand experience with multiple house hacks beginning back in 2017, including one he is currently operating as a short-term rental in Englewood.  He also owns several small multifamily properties in Dayton, OH with his business partner Anthony. 

Dean is extremely passionate about financial independence, personal growth, time freedom, health and fitness, strong communities, savvy investing, and helping others excel at all of the above!  One of his goals is to help educate as many people as possible in these areas and help them live intentional and successful lives. 

On the hobby side, Dean enjoys spending time with his Aussie-mix Bulleit, pretty much anything outdoors including hiking/camping/swimming/skiing/snowboarding/biking/etc., working out and playing sports, riding his motorcycle, and hosting game nights with friends (video and/or board). 

His academic background is in Computer and Electrical Engineering, so investment analysis and accounting have always been “fun” for him, and he also loves to nerd out on technology and innovation topics – most recently in the blockchain/crypto space.