Craig Curelop Real Estate Agent


Howdy! I’m Craig Curelop founder of The FI Team and a real estate agent and investor in Denver, CO. I moved to Denver in April 2017 and closed on my first property in June 2017, a duplex that I house hacked for one year. I got a little bit creative and rented out the top unit, while creating a quasi-bedroom in the living room by putting up a curtain and a cardboard wall divider so I could AirBnb my bedroom. Needless to say, it cash flowed :).

Since then I have purchased two more house hacks each of which cash flow me about $1,000 per month. Between these three house hacks I am now financially independent and helping others achieve financial independence through the creation of The FI Team

Outside of real estate and personal finance, some may call me a health nut. My primary goal is not to live to be 200. My goal is to be able to perform at the highest possible level for the most amount of time. Exercising and eating healthy are the best ways to do that.

For fun, I love to exercise, hike, travel, read, write, snowboard, golf, and play/watch sports. Go Pats!

Follow me and my story on Instagram @thefiguy.