Meet Chad, your dedicated real estate guide with a passion for helping clients achieve financial freedom through real estate investing. Hailing from Wisconsin, Chad and his wife Meghan made a quick stop in San Diego before Denver captured their hearts. Chad and Meghan are raising their daughter Olive to love all things Colorado such as skiing in the mountains and exploring Denver.

With a degree in Business Finance from the University of Milwaukee, Chad kicked off his career in Mutual Fund sales, working alongside financial advisors to help clients increase their personal wealth. In 2015, Chad stumbled into real estate investing when he house hacked a duplex in Milwaukee.

Chad was instantly hooked on real estate investing when he was depositing rent checks, living for free and building equity. Embracing the Nomad™ Strategy, Chad seamlessly transitions between primary residences, accumulating a diverse portfolio of real estate assets. 10 years later, and Chad is still house hacking by renting out the basement bedrooms of his primary residence.

Currently Chad manages a portfolio of four short-term rentals in Denver and two properties in Milwaukee. His investment’s have included everything from subject-to finance, Airbnb Arbitrage, house hacking, rent-by-the-room and everything in between.

As the Lead Agent on The FI Team Chad coaches both his clients and FI Team agents how to achieve financial independence through real estate investing.

If you’re looking for a coach, guide and mentor to get your first property or build your portfolio, reach out to schedule a meeting with Chad.