Chad is a Wisconsin native and after spending a few years in San Diego he has made Denver home. His wife’s name is Meghan and his first child is on the way, due in September. He went to college in Milwaukee for Business Finance and started his career in Mutual Fund Sales. He really enjoyed building relationships with financial advisors to help achieve their clients’ financial goals.  

He has always been passionate about real estate and achieving financial independence. His real estate journey started in 2015 with purchasing a duplex in Milwaukee, WI. He lived in one unit with a roommate and rented out the upper unit. After collecting $1300 in rent, he paid $100 a month to cover the mortgage. Realizing how powerful real estate can be for building long term wealth he was hooked. 

Currently, Chad is employing the Nomad™ Strategy, which is buying a single-family residence with 5% down, living in it for a year then purchasing another primary single-family home with 5% down and moving into the new purchase. Keeping the original SFH and renting it out by the room.  

Chad is extremely passionate about real estate and real estate investing, specifically house hacking and other creative nontraditional strategies to build a real estate portfolio. He looks forward to educating as many individuals as he can on the power of real estate and the financially independent lifestyle that anyone can achieve, turning dreams into reality.