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Aurora, Colorado

Aurora has everything a small city needs, ample open space, excellent healthcare, strong job growth and all the amenities from dining to shopping. 

Buckley Air Force Base, located within the city, is the largest employer and plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy. Aurora is also home to the Aurora History Museum, the Aurora Fox Art Center and the Plains Conservation Center. 

Some of the region’s best hospitals are located in Aurora including Children’s Hospital Colorado and UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital. 

The proximity to Denver International Airport, Downtown Denver and the regions best hospitals makes Aurora an amazing location for real estate investing for short-term and mid-term rentals. 

Investing Strategies

Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals are permitted in Aurora for properties that are your primary residence. There are no limits on the number of days or the number of the homes within the city that can be used in the short-term rental, but you must hold a business license and pay city taxes monthly.   

Aurora STR rules also allow for Airbnb arbitrage, where anyone who lives in the home can rent the property, meaning you don’t have to own the home to rent the home.  

Long-term rentals and mid-term rentals (30+ day stays), with written agreement do not require a business license or collection of lodger’s tax.   

City Regulations

STRs allowed for non-primarys


Limit on days


Medium Term Rentals

A perfect middle ground between the income potential of a short-term rental and the stability of a long-term rental. Mid-term rentals are furnished units that are rented to guests for 30+ days. People who seek out mid-term rentals are traveling nurses and professionals on temporary assignment or people displaced from their homes for a duration of time.  It’s become a popular investment strategy because in many areas, like Arvada there is no rental license required. Use services like AirDNA to calculate what your potential rents could be.

With the density of hospitals, the influx of business travel to the area and the proximity to DIA makes Aurora an attractive area for investment properties.    

Calculate Rents

Year over year increase in MTR nights sold


No license required for rentals

< 30 days


The “rent by the room” investment strategy involves renting out individual rooms within a single property, such as a house or apartment, rather than leasing the entire unit to a single tenant. This approach has gained traction as it allows investors to maximize rental income by catering to multiple tenants simultaneously. Each tenant pays for their designated room and shares common areas like kitchens and living rooms. This is a popular strategy among house hackers who choose to rent out the rooms in the house they are living in. In Aurora you’re legally able to house 6 unrelated people in one rental unit. 

Max Occupancy


Average Room Rent


Primary Room Rent


Long-term rentals

Long-term rentals are a smart strategy for a more hands-off approach and a buy and hold mindset. In an appreciating market, like Aurora, if the property’s rent can cover the mortgage, plus an additional 10% for vacancies and repairs, then you’re property is increasing in value the longer you hold it. Check out the latest rent estimates on Rent-O-Meter or Zillow to see what your property might get for rents. 

Rent Estimates:

Avg. Rent 3 bed / 2 bath


Avg. Rent 2 bed / 1 bath 


Aurora Facts


235 schools
C Avg. Rating
Learn more about the schools at Great

Crime Rate

Review the current crime rates for Aurora here: Community Crime Map


Downtown Denver – 30 mins
DIA – 18 mins
Summit County – 90 mins

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