Yvette Gonzales Pueblo Realtor


Yvette’s life motto is, “If there is even a slight chance you think you will regret it then you better do it.” It has served her well and created some exciting life adventures. Texas born and bred; Yvette moved to New York in her 20’s with nothing but 4 suitcases. She built a career in sales and loved every minute of the city’s electric buzz. After a brief stint back in Texas, she moved to Colorado not knowing she would find it so inspiring that it’s now her forever state. 

Yvette began thinking about investing later in her life and hit the books and podcasts learning how to get started. After a friend point out, “You can’t keep getting ready to get ready,” her motto kicked in. She’s currently renovating a building she intends to run as mid-term rentals in the Pueblo market. Her personal goal is to not only to invest in real estate to facilitate financial independence but to actually build a viable business out of each property. 

Yvette earned a BA in Psychology which has proved invaluable in understanding and working with all types of personalities throughout her career. Her prior industry skills have translated seamlessly to real estate. She wants to educate and serve both the experienced client and also those needing a little extra care and understanding of the process. Real estate can be a life changing purchase and considering her client’s needs above all else is a commitment she takes seriously. 

As a lifelong runner, you’ll find Yvette racking up miles appreciating the majestic Colorado views, enjoying any type of live music or refinishing furniture in her garage. Yvette also has a jewelry business and co-created a blue wine with a local Colorado winery. She loves that Colorado has such a welcoming vibe and wants to make sure she’s a part of sharing that hospitality in her work and personal life.