Royce Moriarty Real Estate Agent


Royce is a University of Washington graduate who originally grew up in Central Washington. After growing up in a family that performed live-in-flips every two years, he had early exposure to the benefits of investing in real estate. 

After establishing a career in Construction Management it quickly became clear to him that he wanted to challenge the typical W2 career path of working 40 years for a pre-determined annual raise. This is when he found his own passion for real estate and financial independence. In 2019, he became a licensed agent and shortly thereafter represented himself in the purchase of his first property. Without realizing the true potential of house hacking, he purchased a single-family home with a detached unit (DADU) that he rented out to supplement the mortgage. To further cash flow he later began renting the main house by the room while living in it. 

After his fiancé moved to Denver for graduate school, Royce began renting the main house out on Airbnb to supplement flights/trips to Denver. Once he and his fiancé saw the revenue they were generating with short term rentals, they were hooked. 

In Summer of 2022, Royce made the move to Denver and purchased his 2nd house hack. This time living in the basement and supplementally the mortgage by renting out the upstairs on Airbnb. This method is allowing them to save while they prepare to purchase property #3. 

Royce enjoys helping others jumpstart their investing careers by sharing tricks of the trade and lessons learned from his personal experience in rent by the room, STR’s, LTR’s, and the number of transactions he successfully closed for his clients. 

Outside of real estate, Royce enjoys golfing, skiing, CrossFit, reading, meditating, playing with his bulldog, and grabbing a beer or catching a game with friends and family.