Kenny is originally from the great state of Ohio, where he grew up in Columbus.  After graduating from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management, and Minor in Business Administration, Kenny moved out to San Diego for a few years starting his career in the hospitality industry.  After realizing his heart lie in the Rocky Mountains, he made the move to Denver, CO to start a new journey.   

Kenny expanded his career experience selling everything from windows, to roofs, and even beer.  Ultimately, his passion always lied in Real Estate.  That passion started with a one-bedroom condo in which he renovated himself, is currently long-term renting, while building equity and having someone pay off his mortgage.  Kenny’s fiancé also became eager to learn more about investing in real estate, and in December 2020, she purchased her own house hack.  Since then, they have acquired another property, and Kenny and her have been running a total of 3 air bnbs and look to buy more!

After being eager to learn and develop his knowledge and skills in financial independence and ultimately building a real estate portfolio, he knew the next step was to get his license.  He has learned so much about real estate investing, and can’t wait to pass that along to his clients.  Kenny is so excited to have a career in which he gets to live and breath real estate, and ultimately help others realize their own real estate dreams and goals! 

When he’s not helping his clients bring their real estate dreams to fruition, he loves hiking, snowboarding, camping, going to breweries, watching football, smoking meats, and his fiancé and their golden retriever “Nix”.