Kara Wesley Denver Real Estate Agent


Kara is a licensed real estate agent in Denver who is dedicated to helping others. She was born and raised in The Bay Area, California. After graduating Jr. college in Criminal Justice, she joined the Army as a medic where she learned the value of communication, teamwork, and ingenuity. After her second tour, and losing the coveted Fort Carson, CO assignment, she exited the Army for more control over her day to day. She returned to school where she received a Bachelor’s in Psychology from USF to better understand and relate to people. 

Shortly after graduating, Kara read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which changed her trajectory from pursuing medical school to find financial independence through real estate investing. With lingering interest for the missed Carson opportunity, she decided to move to Colorado on her own to become a licensed real estate agent. 

When she isn’t glued to the Redfin house search, she enjoys the company of her friends and her dog, trying new healthy recipes and restaurants, and hitting the gym. Camping and visiting the lakes and rivers of this beautiful state are also high on her list of relaxing activities. 

Her goal is to buy her own investment by the end of 2024. She knows financial independence is achievable through real estate and is determined to reach it and help as many others as she can reach it too. She is proud to continue to be of service, and understands how vital it is for us all to have a place to call home.