Hiya! My name’s Eric 👋 I’m a Michigan native & after spending 4 years working as an Instagram Software Engineer down in San Francisco, I moved up to Seattle to start a new adventure with my girlfriend, Wanda. 

Back in 2020, Wanda and I went on a life planning retreat to discuss our high level goals for the future + how to start executing on them. Our biggest takeaways were 1) Family is #1 & 2) Flexibility of choice is critical (e.g. working a job is a want rather than a need). Working backwards from our dream life expenses, we came up with the goal of hitting $30k of passive income by 2030. 

Since then, I’ve purchased 2 properties & Wanda has purchased 1. Our first property was an Airbnb house hack (living out of a small ADU in the backyard while Airbnb’ing out the main house). Based on an initial cash flow analysis, we were expecting ~$500/month. However, our results wildly surpassed expectations; in the first year, our property averaged $3,000 of net profit per month (consistently above 95th percentile in the market). All of this on top of the fact that we were paying $0 in rent. 

In mid-2021, I left Instagram after reaching $10k of passive income per month. I’m now heavily focused in 2 areas: 1) Helping other people recognize their own path toward financial independence through real estate & 2) Learning about real estate development and tackling a build project sometime in 2022 or 2023. 

If you’re looking for someone to get you started in house hacking or finding someone to educate you on short term rentals, I’m your guy! Follow @helloericyu on IG / TikTok for more 😊